The browser new tab extension is a competitive space with major players like Momentum, Infinity, Infinite Dashboard,, to name a few. With everyone contending to be the first page you see in every new tab, here are a few reasons why you should try DashOne.


More than just fancy bookmarks

Using DashOne, you can create smart widgets that auto-update with the info you care about. Read more about different use cases here.


Designed for speed and efficiency

Unlike other tools, DashOne does not just display condensed data from other websites. Each widget is designed to display minimal actionable data that you can act on


Creating smart widgets is simple and quick

Create widgets in 3 clicks or fewer

Move widgets

Move widgets

More than just work

“All work and no play…”, you know how it goes. Everyone needs a break to recharge and be productive. We have a few widgets that will help with that


Engineered for success

DashOne was designed with the utmost attention to detail. Each and every widget is handcrafted to ensure you get things done quickly and engineered to use CPU and memory efficiently.

Designed for speed

Privacy first

DashOne does not store any sensitive data on our servers. All your data is stored locally on your browser. When absolutely necessary, we funnel data through our servers. No sensitive information is logged or stored in the process. We use industry standards(OAuth 2.0) to access data via integrations and never ask for less secure client side permissions.

We’re always looking for ways to make DashOne better. Get in touch with us at